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Dr Mums (one of the best Pharma Companies in Jammu,India)

Dr mums is one of the recognised Pharma Companies in Jammu, India that develop innovative and integrated pharmaceutical products and quality medicines to restore and extend the quality of life. We believe that our first responsibility is to the doctors, nurses and patients,to mothers and fathers and all others who use our products, services and medicines. We are Amongst top Pharma Companies in Jammu, India and aims to fulfill societies needs for proper health care products of outstanding quality with best services, like Capsules, Tablets, Syrups, Ayurvedic, Paediatric, etc.

Dr mums is a world leading, research-based Pharma Company in Jammu (INDIA) whose Pharmaceutical products improve health and well being of patients. Our global healthcare Pharmaceutical Products includes medicines and vaccines and many of the world’s best-known consumer and healthcare quality products all over India. Dr mums is the research based pharma companies in India .

Why Choose us

Best Pharmaceutical Company

Dr. Mum's is an established Company in our pharma industry, have never once risked our patients’ safety through mediocrity and incompetence in serving our valued customers.

Standardised Health Care Products

Dr. Mum's - pharmaceutical Company in Haryana (India) try to research, develop and manufacture a wide range of products that comply with the highest regulatory standards.

Commitment to Quality Products

Dr. Mum's, Pharma & Nutraceutical manufacturer doesn’t only focus on quality but also on our belief that good service is human service. We provide affordable quality products to our customers.


Pharmaceutical Products and Medicines delivered by Dr Mums in Jammu

  • Tablets

  • DR. MUMS is engaged in manfacturing and supplying a wide range of Pharmaceutical Tablets like Ceflox, Alferd-400, Cipcol-TZ, Colci-Bon, etc. The offered range is precisely formulated as per the established medical standards by utilizing superior-grade chemicals & compounds. We are top Pharma Company in Jammu whose all the Pharma tablets are supplied in various suitable dosages and in required pack sizes according to clients demands.

    The Pharma Tablets provided by one of the best Pharma Companies in Jammu, India are helpful for treating, curing and other medical purposes with their features like safety consume, purity & positive results for proper health care of patients.

  • Capsules

  • As a Quality focused manufacturer we thoroughly formulate an effective range of Pharmaceutical Capsules in Jammu that provide positive results to human health. Owing to their features like excellent efficacy, exact composition, safe to use and purity these Capsules are responsive in healing various ailments. At, one of the best Pharma Companies in Jammu, India Pharmaceutical Capsules are formulated using the finest grade ingredients and sophisticated capsule technology, in compliance with the global Quality Standards. Also to ensure the complete safety of capsules we provide standard protective packaging for these.

  • Soft Gel

  • We, at Dr Mums, one of the best Pharma Companies in Jammu, India, are offering an effective soft gel for patients who are suffering from cough, allergies, etc. that are designed as per the latest quality standards and will undergo audits by several reputed labs.

    Some of the pharma Soft Gels are FE-MUM-XT, NUREX, LYPEX-G, etc. The Soft gel manufactured by our doctors have various features like accurate composition, safe to use, effective, etc.

  • Injections

  • We ensure to offer quality Pharmaceuticals Injections. These are superior in effectiveness and reliability with their global safety standards and norms. Our Management Team formulate these by using safe chemicals and high-grade ingredients at our hygienic as well as advanced manufacturing unit. Our Pharmaceutical Injections packed with hygiene and sealed packaging so as to assure their efficacy and safety for a long period.

    We are one of the leading Pharma Companies in Jammu, India who manufactures Pharmaceutical Injections whose key features are Positive Effect, Safe to use, Precise composition, zero side effect.

  • Syrups

  • We accurately formulate an excellent range of Pharmaceutical Syrup that shows effective and positive results to human health. Also, keeping every norm and standard of Pharmaceutical industry in mind we develop superlative Syrup which works gently without any side effect. To ensure high efficacy of Pharmaceutical Syrups we use active ingredients, vitamins and time-tested methods in the processing.

    One of the best Pharma Companies in Jammu, India meet the exact demand of the market by developing the range at our hygienic and modern labs that are handled by highly qualified pharmacists. Our range of Pharmaceutical Syrup is widely used in hospitals, health care centers and medical shops.

  • Dry Syrups

  • Dry syrup is a powder or granule form of pharmaceutical formulations. It is packed dry in bottles to preserve the stability of sensitive Pharmaceutical Ingredients. Some products have a tendency to be stable in dry form for longer periods, so to provide a better shelf life, these kind of molecules are offered in dry form of powder or granules and are called dry syrup. The administration of such dry syrup is done after reconstitution.

    Reconstitution of dry syrup is done by adding boiled and cooled water to a specific mark and shaking it. After reconstitution, such formulations are to be administered in a specific period as indicated in the label claim of dry syrup packing.

  • Ayurvedic

  • Dr. Mum's is one of the best Ayurvedic Pharma Companies in Jammu, India. With our Ayurvedic medicines a person will find an improvement in their physical, mental and psychological conditions. We deal with various diseases and infections by manufacturing Ayurvedic medicines in various parts of India.

  • Paediatric

  • We are counted among the most distinguished Pharma Companies in Jammu, India engaged in trading and supplying Paediatric Drops. Our Range of Products include paediatric drops such as FE-MUM, MUMPLEX, MUZITH, etc.

  • Ointment

  • Ointments are used topically for several purposes, e.g., as protectants, antiseptics, emollients, antipuritics, kerotolytics, and astringents. The vehicle or base of an Ointment is of prime importance if the finished product is expected to function as any one of the above categories. Ointment is the range of Pharmaceutical Product developed by Dr. Mums - one of the leading Pharma Companies in Jammu, India to protect the skin against moisture, air, sun rays and other external factors. It is necessary that the ointment neither penetrates the human skin barriers nor facilitates the absorption of substances through this barrier.

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