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Dr mums is counted amongst top notch companies of Indian pharmaceuticals. We have initiated to improve health conditions of the people.

Several therapeutic products like Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Dry-Syrups, Ayurvedic, Ointment, Paediatric-Drops, Injections, Soft-Gel are there in range of our products. There are several dangerous infections, which needed to be treated immediately and our health professionals are working and researching upon it. We have proved our excellence in fighting with fierce diseases and infections since long and are still waging a war against the critical diseases to be dealt with. We believe and consider this, and are aware that there is always a gap in achievement and perfection and complete perfection is never ending pursuit and can never be achieved at some point or another.

Our Mission

To provide the best range of products to the doctors so that they can choose the appropriate one.

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Our Vision

To cross the threshold of Indian market and lengthen towards the global market.

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Quality Policy

The quality of our products is properly maintained to ensure that you get the best products.

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Every product is unique Our Product Categories

  • tablets


    View a wide range of Tablet products.
  • injections


    View a wide range of Injectable products.
  • ayurvedic


    View a wide range of Ayurvedic products.
  • capsules


    View a wide range of Capsule products.
  • syrups


    View a wide range of Syrup products.
  • paediatric-drops


    View a wide range of Paediatric products.
  • soft gel

    Soft Gel

    View a wide range of Soft Gel products.
  • dry syrups

    Dry Syrups

    View a wide range of Dry Syrup products.
  • ointment-and-dental


    View a wide range of Ointment and Dental products.

Why Choose Us

Best Pharmaceutical Company

Dr mums is top pharmaceutical company in Karnal, Haryana, India in our pharma industry, have never once risked our patients’ safety through mediocrity and incompetence in serving our valued customers.

Standardised Health Care Products

Dr mums - pharmaceutical company in haryana (India) try to research, develop and manufacture a wide range of products that comply with the highest regulatory standards.

Commitment to Quality Products

Dr mums, Pharma & Nutraceutical manufacturer doesn’t only focus on quality but also on our belief that good service is human service. We provide affordable quality products to our customers.


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