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Who We Are

We have initiated to improve health conditions of the people. There are several dangerous infections, which needed to be treated immediately and our best doctors and health professionals are working and researching upon it. After research we manufacture wide range of healthcare products in various parts of India such as Haryana (Karnal) and Himachal. We have proved our excellence in fighting with fierce diseases and infections since long and are still waging a war against the critical diseases to be dealt with. We have emerged as fastly growing Indian Pharmaceutical Company. We are really concerned for the well being of Indian people, so we take care of your mental, physical well being in this milieu.

Dr mums is one of the best innovative and ethical Pharma Company in Karnal, Haryana (India) that provides affordable health care products such as ointment, syrup and much more.

Leading Pharma Company in India - DR MUMS

We develop World Class Pharma Medicines Cost Effective, Quality Pharmaceutical medicines to achieve Customer Satisfaction. Our Management team includes experienced professionals who test each of our pharma product on well- defined parameters before delivering them to our clients. With the wealth of experience in the field of chemicals and pharmaceuticals, we have been able to extend our best possible position in the Indian market. At top Pharma Company in Haryana, India, we’re passionate about improving quality of life and healthcare through our Pharma products and medicines. We are a fast growing Pharma Companies in India engaged in manufacturing and marketing a wide range of Pharmaceutical Products globally.

Why Choose us

Best Pharmaceutical Company

Dr mums is an established Company in our pharma industry, have never once risked our patients’ safety through mediocrity and incompetence in serving our valued customers. We are Pioneers of Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Products in Haryana (India).

Standardised Health Care Products

Dr mums - Indian Pharmaceutical Company try to research, develop and manufacture a wide range of products that comply with the highest regulatory standards.

Commitment to Quality Products

Dr mums, Pharma & Nutraceutical manufacturer doesn’t only focus on quality but also on our belief that good service is human service. We provide affordable quality products to our customers.